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Institute of Food Science and Technology

Institute of Food Science and Technology

IFST is the leading independent qualifying body for food professionals in Europe and the only professional body in the UK concerned with all aspects of food science and technology .

Founded in 1964 we were established to advance the science of ‘food science and technology’, its education and application, for the benefit, safety and health of the public.

We are independent of government, industry, lobby or special interest groups and many of our educational activities are run by a registered charity (the IFST Trust Fund).

Like medicine and other science disciplines (e.g. biology or chemistry) food science and technology is a profession. It covers a wide range of complex skills and disciplines and is based on a recognised body of learning.

Our members are drawn from all over the world from all ages and backgrounds including industry (manufacturing, retailing and food service), universities and schools, government, research and development, quality assurance and food law enforcement.

IFST Consultants Group
The IFST Consultancy Special Interest Group (SIG) is open to members having an interest in consultancy.  The SIG holds three meetings a year with a mix of speakers and forums on consultancy related topics together with ample time for networking. A Forum provides communication between members and holds copies of meeting minutes, speakers’ presentations and information such as sample agreements and professional indemnity scheme details, which are of particular use to members new to consulting.
The IFST also has a Consultants Register, which is a subscription list of Fellows and Members prepared to act as full-time consultants, part-time consultants, technical writers or technical translators.