Governance and Membership

The JCF promotes the sharing of best practice in professional consulting across member organisations and their constituent members in order to promote inter-disciplinary networking, knowledge exchange, active collaboration and access to high quality, affordable and independent advisers and subject matter experts.
The relationship between the member institutions and the promotion of joint events and other related activities is maintained by a steering group (the JCFSG). Each JCF member organisation is entitled to be represented on the JCFSG by a voluntary officer and/or a staff member. The JCFSG meets quarterly, or as required, and is normally chaired by the senior IC representative present. The JCFSG also acts as the editorial board for the JCF website.

Joining the JCF
A list of the current member bodies, together with relevant points of contact, is to be found on the Members page. To enquire about your organisation subscribing to the JCF, and being represented on the JCFSG, please contact us.