About the JCF

Access to a wide range of events
The Joint Consultants Forum (JCF) allows access to a range of consultancy events organized by JCF member organisations both in London and around the country.

These are independently organised but members of the JCF member organisations are entitled to attend any JCF-badged event at the organising body’s members' rate.

JCF member organisations are invited to promote each other’s events to their members through their own websites and newsletters.

Networking Communities
The JCF welcomes the formation of 'Networking Communities of Interest' to help build relationships between members of JCF constituent bodies to share and exchange knowledge and best practice.

The communities can also assist with the identification of highly qualified and experienced professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who are governed by strict codes of conduct.

Attending JCF-Badged Events
Details of all JCF events are to be found here.
To attend any of the listed events, please link through to the booking page and state, when asked, that you belong to a JCF constituent organisation.